I was extremely impressed with the entire United Coaching Clinic experience. It was highly organized, professionally ran and had an excellent line up of speakers. The clinic was very well attended with coaches who love the game. I would highly recommend any United Coaching Clinic.
— Lennie Acuff, UAH
Really enjoyed the floor aspect of the clinic!! Great clinic that will tip off the start of your basketball season.
— Kermit Davis, Ole Miss
I really enjoyed speaking at the United Basketball Clinic in Chattanooga in 2014. Matt Smith puts on a first class and well-organized clinic. I would highly recommend attending these clinics to grow your knowledge of the game
— Will Wade, LSU
I really enjoyed the speaking at the United Basketball Clinic in September in Knightstown, IN. Matt Smith ran a first class clinic that was really well ran and attended by coaches at many different levels. And to host it at the historic Hoosier Gym was a once in a lifetime experience for me.
— Rod Balanis, Notre Dame
It was a pleasure to speak at the Southeast Tennessee Coaches Clinic this past August. Matthew puts on a first class clinic that was well attended by an enthusiastic group of coaches who were eager to improve their programs. It is easy for me to recommend the clinic to anyone looking for new ideas and philosophies that can help their teams and improve their knowledge of the game at the same time.
— Rick Byrd, Belmont
The United Clinic was a great experience for me. The environment to teach was excellent—top notch sound system, demonstrators and facility. Also, it seems that United draws a crowd of coaches who are hungry for basketball nuggets that can give them and their teams an “edge”.
— Ed Schilling, Indiana University
I would like to thank United Basketball Clinics for inviting me to speak at the inaugural Hoosier Gym Clinic. I was impressed with the organization of the clinic and enjoyed an enthusiastic group of coaches interested in learning and sharing basketball with their peers. It is hard to top a better venue than Hoosier Gym for a clinic and I look forward to attending in the future as either a speaker or in the audience.
— Jon Coffman, Ft. Wayne Basketball