Throughout my nearly 20 years of coaching I have always enjoyed attending coaching clinics and spending time with other coaches discussing the game and growing my knowledge. I began directing coaching clinics in Chattanooga, Tennessee because I wanted to improve the game locally and take advantage of the brilliant basketball minds already living in the area.  I wanted to see the best teachers of the game in the gym with basketball players, showing the concepts they were teaching.  So that is what I created and United Basketball Clinics was founded. The clinics are held on basketball courts where featured coaches and players demonstrate drills and concepts on the court.  Due to the success of those early clinics in Chattanooga, we are expanding our reach to regions around the country.  I hope you will attend one of our United Basketball Clinics. Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can make our clinics even better.

Growing the Game Together,

Matt Smith